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About Us

Focusing on the Micro Influencer. We are here to grow Influencer's Followers thru local connections with their fans. Localizing Influencers across the world utilizing our 2,000 "Hello" city websites.
We are currently looking for an Influencer Marketing Platform to partner with and power our Local Marketplace.
Thru our 2,000 city-based websites we can target one city or any combination of cities for Brands.

Placing up to 35 Influencer per city site, we have the capability to display 70,000 Influencers on the city's home page. Giving them the promotion, they deserve.


Created by Clark Scott an Internet Entrepreneur for the last 22 years. Creating and exiting two previous companies and founding two other successful online businesses.


Louisville, Kentucky

Micro Influencers

We focus on Micro Influencers because studies show they have some of the highest engagement rates across all online advertising. This combined with the localization of influencer multiples the engagement rate for the influencer and the brand they represent.